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Design Services

New Construction Interior Design

We start with you from the conception of the project and see you through to the end of construction and move in.  We can help in every aspect of design from space planning to finalizing the furniture and art to be placed in the finished home.  Below is a list of the type of work included in new construction projects:

  • Initial Inspiration Document for Builder Budgeting and Vendor Sourcing

  • Space Planning/Furniture Planning

  • Lighting Plans

  • Plumbing, Appliance, Lighting Sourcing and Attending All Meetings

  • Decorative Lighting Sourcing

  •  Flooring and Tile Sourcing and Attending All Meetings

  • Shower Design and Tile Sourcing

  • Cabinetry Design and Hardware Sourcing and Attending All Meetings

  • Site Meetings

  • Vendor and Contractor Coordination

  • Review All Quotes for Accuracy From Vendors With Homeowners Final Approval

  • Interior Elevations (as needed)

  • Budget Review from Builder to Ensure Allowances Are Met

  • Countertop Sourcing

  • Finish Schedule With All Selection Information for Builder and Homeowner

  • Interior and Exterior Paint/Stain Colors

  • Interior Trim and Doors Selections and Meetings

  • Fireplace Design


Renovation Interior Design

We will help you determine how to get the best use out of your existing home and see you through to completion.  Below is a list of the type of work needed in renovation projects in addition to the list included in the New Construction Interior Design list.

  • As-built Measurements

  • Input Existing Plans into a CAD Program

  • Provide Existing, Demo, and New Construction Plans (all plans are to be verified by a builder for structural purposes)

  • Document Any Existing Items that are to be Reused in the Renovation


Interior Decorating

Need a Freshen Up?  We can help you source new furniture, lighting, rugs, art, and accessories to help your space feel like you.  We work with local vendors and online retailers to source furnishings.

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